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Hyannis, Mass. Client Makes Headlines in His Hometown

Nicholas of Hyannis poses in front of the 2008 Honda Fit he received from Good News Garage.

Our client Nicholas Famigliette from Hyannis, Massachusetts was featured in his hometown newspaper after receiving a life-changing vehicle donation.

Visit the Barnstable Patriot for the original article or see the excerpt below.

Imagine trying to live a productive life in Massachusetts without reliable transportation. It would be a struggle to say the least, but for one Hyannis man the struggle is now over.

On Aug. 10, Nicholas Famigliette received a life-changing car from the vehicle-donation nonprofit Good News Garage. His used 2008 Honda Fit, donated by a generous New Englander, will transport him to a brighter future.

Famigliette is one of over 5,000 recipients of a vehicle from Good News Garage since the New England-based charity began providing reliable transportation neighbors in need in 1996. The organization awards vehicles to Massachusetts residents in need through a partnership with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. The program is administered out of Good News Garage’s Manchester, New Hampshire office.

A lack of transportation is one of the biggest reasons why people cannot achieve upward mobility. Good News Garage’s ability to help neighbors in need is only limited by the number of vehicle donations it receives. During the COVID pandemic, the need for safe, reliable vehicles is in especially high demand. Personal vehicles are lifelines for families and individuals that rely on them to obtain nutritious food, schooling, medical care, and stable employment.