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The team at Good News Garage takes pride in making a difference in the lives of our New England neighbors every day. We provide critical transportation services that enable individuals and families to move forward in their lives and achieve their goals. Want to help us make a difference?

The Ready To Go program at Good News Garage provides van transportation to individuals and families, enabling them to access essential life activities, including work, job training and childcare. This program often has opportunities for van drivers to join the team. Drivers are provided with vans that they can keep at home between shifts. No CDL license is required. If you enjoy interacting with your community and being a positive influence, this could be a great opportunity for you!

Good News Garage is a member of Ascentria Care Alliance, one of the largest human service agencies in New England. Job opportunities at Good News Garage are listed on Ascentria’s recruiting site.

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Meet the Staff Why Wanda Works at GNG

“I’m super blessed that Good News Garage chose me for this job.”
-Wanda, program manager