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How It Works

Donation Process Details:

Step One: You donate your vehicle and we pick it up for free! Path Created with Sketch.

We accept vehicles of almost any age or condition from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Eastern New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. We will even tow or pick up your vehicle free of charge!

Donated vehicles are typically picked up within three to 10 days after we receive the title, depending on where the vehicle is located.

Step Two: We inspect your vehicle to decide where it'll go. Path Created with Sketch.

Qualified mechanics conduct a 72-point inspection of the vehicle. Depending on things like the mileage and cost of repairs, Good News Garage then determines how to process it. Safe and reliable vehicles are awarded to local individuals and families in need of reliable transportation, putting them on the road to a brighter future. Vehicles that cannot be repaired cost-effectively or pass state inspection are sold at auction and the proceeds help us repair other cars.

Step Three: You receive a tax deduction letter. Path Created with Sketch.

Once your car donation has been processed (which can take 8 to 12 weeks) you will receive a letter in the mail outlining what happened to your vehicle and how much you can deduct on your taxes.

If your vehicle is safe and reliable, it may be repaired and awarded to a low-income family! In this case, donors can deduct the fair-market value of the vehicle from their taxes.

Donated vehicles that require excessive repairs or would be too expensive for our clients to maintain are sold at a local auction. Those funds help pay for repairs on vehicles that are awarded to clients. No matter what, your donated vehicle helps your neighbors in need and you qualify for a tax deduction of at least $500!

Please note that as required by the IRS, Good News Garage will need to include your social security number in your tax deduction paperwork if your tax deduction is more than $500. You do not need to provide your social security number if you do not want a tax deduction.

We Accept All Types of Vehicles!

In addition to cars, trucks, and vans, you can donate your boat, motorcycle, moped, commercial van, handicapped-equipped vehicle, RV, tractor and more! Depending on the vehicle, Good News Garage may find it a new home or auction it to support our programs. Either way, donating any vehicle supports our program and helps us provide affordable, reliable cars to neighbors in need!

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