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New Hampshire

Wheels to Work

Our New Hampshire Wheels to Work program is inactive at this time while we wait for the state to renew its contract for program funding. State support is the only way we’re able to feasibly award cars to NH residents. While we still graciously accept vehicle donations from NH residents, we are only able to award cars to neighboring residents in MA and VT at this time. We hope to be able to help Granite State residents again someday soon!

To advocate for transportation equity and the renewal of funding for our New Hampshire program, please consider writing an email or letter to your state representatives. You can find the name and contact info of your local representative on this page.


Vehicle donations from New Hampshire residents continue to be critical for our programs but are currently being placed with residents of Massachusetts and Vermont. New Hampshire’s residents are known for their generosity and community spirit, and for that we are thankful.

In the past, most Good News Garage clients in New Hampshire were referred by Division of Family Assistance (DFA) Family Service Specialists, New Hampshire Employment Program (NHEP) Employment Counselor Specialists, DFA State Office staff, or DFS-contracted staff providing post-employment services.

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