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Awarding refurbished donated vehicles to Massachusetts residents in need. Wheels to Work

Good News Garage, in cooperation with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), provides refurbished donated vehicles to people with disabilities in Massachusetts who otherwise could not afford to purchase their own. Cars will be used to transport the client to employment. Qualified applicants must be a client of MRC and have a written Individual Plan for Employment.

Anyone interested in applying to this program must request a referral and application from their MRC Counselor. Here is the list of Vocational Rehabilitation Area Offices Completed referrals should be faxed to 603.626.7763.

The New Hampshire office of Good News Garage administers this program.

Nicole Car Recipient

Providing transportation using donated vans. Ready To Go

Ready To Go launched a pilot program in the greater Worcester area in April 2018. Ready To Go is a transportation program for individuals and families that uses donated minivans for clients to access essential life activities, including jobs, job training and childcare.

A Ready to Go driver in her van