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Transportation is Essential! Donating during the COVID crisis is safe and easy! Learn more.

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Awarding refurbished, reliable donated vehicles to individuals and families in need. Wheels to Work

GNG partners with the Economic Services Division to provide vehicles to participants in the Reach Up program of the Department of Children and Families.

To determine if you qualify, please contact your case manager at Reach Up. If you are eligible, you will be given an application to fill out and return to your Reach Up case manager. Reach Up determines who is eligible for a vehicle and then notifies Good News Garage.

If you are at risk of losing your job due to lack of transportation, ask your case manager about Good News Garage’s Ready To Go program (see below). Ready To Go covers the entire state of Vermont and provides rides to and from employment and to and from childcare so that you may continue to work.

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Providing transportation using donated vans. Ready To Go

Ready To Go is a transportation program for individuals and families in Vermont that uses donated minivans for clients to access essential life activities, including jobs, job training and childcare. Ready To Go provides more than 30,000 rides annually across the state of Vermont and works in partnership with the Vermont Department for Children and Families, Economic Services Division to provide this service.

If your business or organization is interested in partnering to provide rides to employees, staff and other individuals please contact us.

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Keeping our most precious passengers safe. Child Safety Seat Fitting Station

Good News Garage has two certified child safety seat technicians who are available to assist parents and caregivers on the proper selection, installation, and use of their car seats. To schedule an appointment for a safety seat inspection or installation call 877.GIVE.AUTO (877.448.3288).

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Donate a Car in Vermont

Interested in donating a car to help support participants in the Reach Up program?

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