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Transportation is Essential! Donating during the COVID crisis is safe and easy! Learn more.

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How We’re Different

The original nonprofit car donation program, since 1996.

Good News Garage has provided over 5,500 New England families with donated vehicles!

Car recipients are able to move forward in their lives, donors receive free towing and a generous tax deduction (up to fair market value if the car is awarded to a family), local automotive businesses are utilized and communities are strengthened.

Unlike most car donation organizations that sell every vehicle and hire a for-profit middleman, Good News Garage allows you to maximize your impact, because our mission is to repair and provide as many cars as possible to local families.


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Noel Car Recipient

From the moment they receive the keys to your old car, our client's lives are changed forever!

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93% of clients said that having reliable transportation has improved the well-being of their families

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70% of clients surveyed said their GNG car has enabled them to obtain a better job.

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56% of GNG clients surveyed are no longer receiving government assistance (excluding food stamps).

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53% of GNG clients have pursued educational achievements that would not have been possible without their GNG vehicle.

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Upward Mobility

70% of clients surveyed said their household income increased after receiving their GNG car.

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A Brighter Future

63% of clients said that their GNG car has allowed their children to participate in more after-school activities, such as sports and tutoring.

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Donate a Car...Change a Life