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Alan Robinette
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Christmas Comes Early for GNG Client Alan

In the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, a car is a necessity for just about everyone, but especially those who need to commute to work. When our client Alan came to us, he was having to turn down extra hours at his job because he lacked reliable transportation. Second and third shifts, like the ones being offered to Alan, wrap up in the early hours of the morning when most friends and family members are sleeping and public transportation is out of service.

Leaving hours and money on the table was hard for Alan, who is a new father trying his hardest to provide a good life for his family. Plus, he wanted to make sure his employer knew how much his job meant to him.

When Alan heard from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission that Good News Garage had a car lined up for him, he said “I just wanted to pinch myself.” Alan added, “I told my boss they were giving me a car and felt like I won the lottery.” 

Christmas came early this year for Alan and his family when he was awarded a 2007 Honda Accord on December 1. He’s now able to show his employer how dedicated he is to his job, earn extra income for his family, continue his education, and take his newborn son to his doctor’s appointments.

Alan spoke with his local newspaper, The Berkshire Eagle, about what receiving a donated car from Good News Garage means to him. You can read the full article at: https://www.berkshireeagle.com/news/local/new-lease-on-life-pittsfield-resident-receives-vehicle-from-good-news-garage/article_ba7eb4a2-3714-11eb-bce5-7fa65d5bb35e.html.

The donor of Alan’s 2007 Honda Accord can deduct the car’s fair market value from their 2020 taxes. Car donors always receive free towing and qualify for generous tax deductions of at least $500. Donors can deduct the car’s fair market value if the car is awarded to a neighbor in need. Since Good News Garage is one of the few car-donation programs in the country that connects donated vehicles with families and individuals in need, it can offer donors the most generous vehicle tax deduction allowable by law. There’s still time to donate for a 2020 tax deduction and to start off the new year by changing a life.