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James and the Mighty Prius

Donating a hybrid car like the Toyota Prius to Good News Garage can be a great way to extend its life. Much of the environmental impact from hybrid cars and electric vehicles (EVs) happens at the time of manufacturing. After that, they are much easier on the environment than traditional internal-combustion engine vehicles due to their exceptional gas mileage, and/or reliance on an electric battery. Keeping a hybrid or EV on the road as long as possible helps it offset its environmental impact, according to research, and helps owners make the most out of these eco-friendly vehicles.

A generous car donor chose to donate their 2007 Prius to Good News Garage with the goal of passing it to a neighbor in need and keeping it on the road. After making a few minor repairs to ensure the car was safe and reliable, we worked with the state of Vermont’s Reach Up program to find a new owner. Reach Up selected James, a father from central Vermont, to take the keys to the shiny red hybrid.

James said, “Thank you so much. This is life-changing!”

James stands next to the donated Toyota Prius he was awarded by Good News Garage.

The local paper shared the news about James and his new Prius in an article titled, “Good News Garage Seeks Car Donations for Vermont Families.”

Interested in learning more about donating a hybrid car, EV, or another vehicle? Check out our How it Works page.