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Mykilah from Massachusetts poses for a photo next to the donated car she received from Good News Garage.
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Massachusetts Car Donation Recipient Ready to Move Forward

Having a reliable car remains a necessity for living a productive life for most people in most places in the United States. With the exception of people in big cities with sprawling public transportation networks and maybe people who live in futuristic utopias with personal flying saucers — we’re thinking of “The Jetsons” — nearly everyone else still gets around in an automobile.

If you want to be able to get an education, a well-paying job, and take care of all of life’s necessities, a car is practically mandatory. If you have been living without access to a car for a while, you can imagine the relief when you finally obtain one. For Mykilah from Springfield, Massachusetts, that relief came when she was awarded a donated car from us on October 21, 2021.

Mykilah was awarded a 2007 Volvo S60 thanks to a generous Massachusetts car donor who chose to donate to Good News Garage. Unlike other car donation programs, our goal is to repair and award as many donated cars as possible to individuals and families lacking access to reliable transportation.

WWLP 22 News from Springfield reported Mykilah’s magical day in a story titled, “Springfield woman gifted vehicle from non-profit organization.”

Massachusetts car donation recipients are referred to Good News Garage by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC). Qualified applicants must be a client of MRC and have a written Individual Plan for Employment in order to be considered for a donated vehicle. Anyone interested in applying to this program must request a referral and application from their MRC Counselor. Here is the list of Vocational Rehabilitation Area Offices (https://www.mass.gov/vocational-rehabilitation). 

Please join us in wishing Mykilah all the best on the road ahead and many happy miles in her new car!