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stephanie at her desk
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Stephanie Pays it Forward

Every day at Good News Garage we’re fortunate to hear about how our transportation programs are changing lives, but there’s one story in particular that hits close to home.

After losing her job in 2015, and then her car, our client Stephanie was at a tough crossroads in her life. She was trying her best to get ahead by furthering her education at the local community college, but getting to class and taking her five-year-old daughter to appointments and activities was a daily struggle without a reliable car. Then, Stephanie’s life took a turn onto a road filled with hope and opportunity when she received a vehicle from Good News Garage.

Fast forward three years to this past July. We were searching for a new administrative assistant at our Vermont office and along came Stephanie’s application. Since receiving her car, she completed her medical billing and coding certificate and has moved on to a four-year university where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree. And, she was still driving the car we awarded her in 2015! We were thrilled to hear how well Stephanie was doing, and even happier when she accepted the position with us!

Now, Stephanie is helping pay it forward by being a part of the organization that changed her life. She says, “Good News Garage came along at a time in my life when I felt like I couldn’t get ahead, and they changed my entire outlook on what was possible. I am so fortunate to have received a vehicle, and now I get to help change people’s lives as part of the Good News Garage team.”

UPDATE 4/15/20: Stephanie has moved on from the role of Administrative Assistant and is now an Assistant Program Manager for our Ready To Go program.