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Transportation is Essential! Donating during the COVID crisis is safe and easy! Learn more.

Helping car donors pass their keys to neighbors in need!

Jennifer, Recipient of Donated Car

Donating is Free, Easy, and Impactful!


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We offer fast and free towing.


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Your Vehicle Helps a Family

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Over 5,500 donated cars have been refurbished and awarded to New England families, changing their lives forever!

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93% of clients said that having reliable transportation has improved the well-being of their families

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70% of clients surveyed said their GNG car has enabled them to obtain a better job.

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56% of GNG clients surveyed are no longer receiving government assistance (excluding food stamps).

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53% of GNG clients have pursued educational achievements that would not have been possible without their GNG vehicle.

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Upward Mobility

70% of clients surveyed said their household income increased after receiving their GNG car.

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A Brighter Future

63% of clients said that their GNG car has allowed their children to participate in more after-school activities, such as sports and tutoring.

Featured Success Stories

Car donors like you change lives. Read More Stories

I am a single mother of 4 who, like many, have struggled financially. Thanks to your kind gesture, my life and the lives of my children will now be a little less hectic. I am extremely appreciative and would like you to know you have changed our lives. I can't wait for the day I can pay it forward.
Sedenia Car recipient, 2021
  • "Because of this opportunity, I have been able to leave domestic violence, provide for my daughter, and raise her in a healthy environment. I have been taking my life back. Thank you for the work that you do and the kindness that you have shown. There are no words to express my gratitude."
    Mia Car Recipient, 2020
  • Thank you for donating your car to Good News Garage and for giving my family of five the opportunity to be in a safe vehicle. My family has gone through a lot recently, and getting this vehicle relieves a great amount of stress for us.
    Jennifer Car Recipient, 2019
  • Good News Garage has brought so much happiness to my family. I am able to achieve my goals for my education, and I don't have to worry about ever missing work because of transportation issues.
    Caitlin Car Recipient, 2019

Our mission is to create economic opportunity by providing affordable and reliable transportation options to low-income individuals and families. Our programs include:


Wheels to Work

A program awarding refurbished donated vehicles to individuals and families in need across New England. Thanks to car donors, this program has provided over 5,000 of our neighbors with safe and reliable vehicles since 1996!


Ready To Go

A transportation program using donated vans to provide thousands of rides annually to individuals and families. Donors enable us to take people to essential life activities, such as work, school, healthcare, and childcare.

Pass your keys to a neighbor in need!

We need your help to continue putting New Englanders on the road to self-sufficiency!

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