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National Car Shortage Underscores Good News Garage’s Mission

A national car shortage resulting from a reduction in the supply of semiconductor chips during the pandemic has been all over the news. From national news outlets like USA Today to smaller ones like the Charleston Gazette-Mail, it’s been hard to miss the stories about how the chip shortage is affecting the automobile industry. Car dealerships are struggling to fill their showrooms and car lots with new inventory and the prices of used cars have gone through the roof.

One side effect of this national car shortage that we haven’t heard much about is how it’s affecting middle and low-income individuals and families.

Good News Garage has seen the effects of the national car shortage on low-income individuals and families firsthand. While finding a safe and reliable used car at an affordable price has always been challenging, during the pandemic it has been next to impossible. This new reality is making the mission of Good News Garage more critical than ever.

“While we can’t solve the car and chip shortage, we can certainly help some of those who are being hit the hardest,” said Cash Cranson, director of operations at Good News Garage. “But we can’t do it alone. Our ability to help is limited by the number of car donations we receive. During this difficult time, choosing to donate your car is an act of kindness and compassion that makes a huge, immediate impact.”

The recipients of donated cars from Good News Garage have been especially grateful for the support during this time. They also attest to the difficulty, and often impossibility, of finding an affordable used car on their own.

The Fall River Reporter in Massachusetts shared the story of Maria Echevarria, a Good News Garage car recipient who was awarded a 1994 Toyota Corolla in June of 2021. Echevarria told the donor of the car that she was unable to purchase a vehicle and was “absolutely grateful for the gift.” For her and her son, it is a path forward that was previously blocked by limited car inventory and surging prices.

donated car recipient Maria holds the keys to the vehicle she was awarded by Good NEws Garage during the national car shortage
Good News Garage car recipient Maria Echevarria holds the keys to the donated car she was awarded during the national car shortage.

“If you’ve wanted to do something helpful for your community during the pandemic, to help out those who are most in need, then donating your car to Good News Garage is it,” added Cranson. “The number of people who need transportation to help them ride out this pandemic is far, far greater than the number of donated cars coming in. Each donated car goes a long way towards making a difference.”

For more information on the car donation process, including tax deductions, please visit the car donation FAQ page. If you’re ready to donate a car, you can do it in minutes online or by calling 877.GIVE.AUTO.