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Adelia Marquis
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Putting Adelia “In Her Element”

Most of the cars that are donated to us at Good News Garage come with unique stories. Car donors often feel a little emotional when they hand the keys over to us, and some begin to get nostalgic as they say goodbye. Stories of holiday road trips, cross-country moves, and way too many soccer practices to keep count of have all echoed through our offices.

Our clients, the recipients of the donated cars, don’t always know the full history of the cars they’re awarded, but they know that every vehicle has a story, and they’re about to begin a new chapter. And, just like the cars that are donated, all of our clients have unique stories as well.

Sometimes it seems like our clients are the pefect match for the donated car they receive. This was the case with our client Adelia from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Adelia has faced a lot of hardship for such a young person, but she’s beginning to find her way. When we handed her the keys to her Honda Element, we felt like we’d made the perfect pairing. We guess you could say we put her in her Element.

Adelia shares more of her story, and how thankful she is to the donor of her “new” car, in an article in the Cape Cod Times. You can read the full article here: https://capecodchronicle.com/en/5548/harwich/6607/Car-Donation-Puts-West-Harwich-Woman-Back-On-Track-Harwich-People-Housing-and-homelessness-Disability-access.htm

We wish Adelia and her Element many eyars of happiness and success. Do you have an old or unused car with a unique story to tell?