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    Siobhan’s Story, Twenty Years Later

    Over 20 years ago, Siobhan received an Eagle Summit Wagon from Good News Garage. At the time, she was a single mother living in rural Vermont. Today, her children are all grown up and she is a successful professional in the hospitality industry.

    We caught up with Siobhan to hear about the role her Summit Wagon played in helping her move forward in life.

    GNG: Siobhan, thank you for speaking with us. When you received your car over 20 years ago, how did it change your life at the time?

    Siobhan: It literally changed the way I did everything. All of the things that I then could just do at the drop of a hat, whatever I wanted to, was like…it was a game changer! And you don’t even realize how much having a car is necessary until you have one, and you’re like, “Wow, how did I do this before having a car?”

    GNG: Why is donating a car to Good News Garage so important?

    Siobhan: Young families that have kids have to be able to get places. Just your basic needs can be so challenging without a vehicle. The amount of time it takes to get anywhere, well, either you don’t go, or it takes you 2 hours. Certain things I wouldn’t do because I knew I was going to have to ask a friend for a ride and I didn’t want to have to inconvenience them.

    GNG: What’s something special your car helped you do?

    Siobhan: It’s going to sound silly, but honestly, just visiting my parents. Like being in my car whenever I want and say, “Hey, I’m going to bring your grandkid over so that we can have some quality time together as a family.” Because even though they only lived half an hour away, again, it was all highway! I couldn’t walk it.

    GNG: Any final thoughts about your donated car?

    Siobhan: It just improves my life so much, having the ability to be able to drive myself when I wanted, where I wanted.


    Photo credit: CZmarlin – Christopher Ziemnowicz