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Lisanne domnates her minivan to GNG
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Van Donors Keep Ready To Go… Going

If Lisanne’s 2005 Honda Odyssey minivan could talk, it would have a lot to say. The van was the family’s main vehicle while raising three boys, all of whom were competitive cross-country skiers. A good set of studded tires and front-wheel drive is all it needed to traverse snowy Vermont roads from one race to the next, with the boys and all of their skiing gear safely stowed in the back. On holidays, the family piled in for trips down to grandma’s house in New Jersey. The 6-hour drive was nothing for the trusty van, but for the boys it was quite the exercise in patience.

Now that all three boys are living on their own, the time had finally come for Lisanne’s family to part with their beloved Odyssey. For a van that had given so much to the family, it was natural for them to donate it to Good News Garage. At GNG, the van will continue to provide transportation for parents and their children as a Ready To Go program van. In this role, Lisanne’s van will serve an entire community of families before driving off into the sunset one last time.

Lisanne hands the keys of her donated minivan over to GNG.

Lisanne is one of the many donors who gave in response to our VanGo campaign, which sought donated vans to help fuel our expanding van shuttle program in Vermont and Massachusetts. Donate a car…Change a life; Donate a van…Change many lives!