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Emmie received a new car and the vehicle donor receives a a Tax-Deductible Vehicle Donation
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Western Massachusetts Car Donations Help Local Residents Achieve Independence

Imagine trying to live a productive life without reliable transportation. Daily life would be a struggle. Fortunately for some residents in Western Massachusetts, car donations made by the public are helping them move forward in life.

Linda from Springfield, MA

Numerous residents of Springfield, Massachusetts have recently received donated cars from Good News Garage.

One such resident is Linda Bianchi. The news about Linda and her new 2009 Pontiac Vibe made it to her local newspaper. In an article on MassLive.com, she said, “My whole life changed when I got this car. It helps keep my life going. It’s a key to life. Now I can go to the doctor, see my friends, and keep my job.”

Linda was so elated to receive her donated car that she called our office and left us a lovely voicemail, as heard below:

Lydia from Chicopee, MA

Lydia Lopez-Pena of Chicopee, MA was awarded a 2006 Honda Civic from Good News Garage on March 4, 2021. The life-changing gift was made possible by a generous car donor who worked with Good News Garage to pass her keys to a neighbor in need.

After receiving the donated car, Lydia was interviewed by her local paper, The Reminder. In the article, she comments on how receiving the car has made her daily life in Western Massachusetts easier. “It’s a great car,” said Lydia. “I go to church in it, I run my errands and I go to my doctor’s appointments.”

Lydia Lopez-Pena is pictured in her newly awarded 2006 Honda Civic. Lopez-Pensa said the car will make her everyday life easier.

Emmie from Springfield, MA

We met Emmie and her daughter in January 2021 during the height of the COVID pandemic. Like so many families, they were doing their best to keep moving forward during this challenging time. However, they were in dire need of a safe and reliable car. With the support of a generous car donor, Good News Garage was able to award Emmie a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu! The car is going to help Emmie achieve her goal of becoming a nurse, and also allows Emmie to take her daughter everywhere she needs to go. 

Emmie received a new car and the vehicle donor receives a a Tax-Deductible Vehicle Donation
Emmie and her daughter stand in front of the donated car she received from Good News Garage.

We interviewed the donor of Emmie’s new car and asked him why he chose to donate his car to Good News Garage; see that story on here our blog. His donation made a positive impact in his local community, almost instantly, and he qualified for a generous tax deduction for his car donation! Learn more about the donation process on our website.

How We Help in Massachusetts

Good News Garage works in cooperation with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. Good News Garage accepts Western Massachusetts car donations and then refurbishes those that are safe and reliable. The donated cars are then awarded to MRC clients who can not afford to purchase their own vehicles. Together with our donors, we empower our neighbors to leave their transportation issues in the rearview mirror.

Anyone interested in applying to this program must request a referral and application from their MRC Counselor. Here is the list of Vocational Rehabilitation Area Offices – https://www.mass.gov/vocational-rehabilitation

Good News Garage accepts donated cars, trucks, vans, boats, and more from all over New England and has programs for residents of Vermont.

Donate a Car in Massachusetts

Do you have an old or unused car to donate? You can make a life-changing car donation in just minutes by completing our online form.

Good News Garage is one of the nation’s first car donation charities in the nation and has been serving New Englanders since 1996. Our goal is to repair as many donated cars as possible and award them to our New England neighbors in need. In return, car donors receive free towing, qualify for generous tax deductions, and make a lasting impact.