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Transportation is Essential! Donating during the COVID crisis is safe and easy! Learn more.

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    Donate a Deceased Person’s Car as a Way to Honor Their Memory

    Car donors frequently turn to Good News Garage to donate a deceased person’s car. ...

    Image of a grocery store produce section

      Food Insecurity and Transportation Strongly Connected

      In urban and rural settings, a direct link has been shown between food insecurity and ...

      Emma poses in front her the donated car she received from Good News Garage.
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      A Car to Go to Take Emma and Her Son Far

      On January 8, 2021, Emma Wetherby of Bellows Falls, Vermont was awarded a 2007 Toyota Camry. The car ...

      Emmie received a new car and the vehicle donor receives a a Tax-Deductible Vehicle Donation
      • Donor Story

      A Tax-Deductible Vehicle Donation with a Big Community Impact

      The staff here at Good News Garage (GNG) was excited to see a familiar name ...

      Afterlife by Julia Alvarez
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      GNG in Julia Alvarez’s “Afterlife”

      Published almost thirty years ago, Julia Alvarez’s book, In the Time of the Butterflies (...

      Car recipient Travis Barrett smiles behind the wheel of his new car.
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      Travis is Going Places Thanks to Massachusetts Car Donor

      With a fresh college degree from UMass Lowell, our client Travis Barrett from Pelham, Massachusetts ...

      Tax Deduction

        How do vehicle tax deductions work?

        Donating a car to Good News Garage (GNG) is a win-win! Not only are you ...

        Car Help Resource Listing cover photo

          Transportation Assistance Programs and Resources

          We do our best to keep track of other transportation programs and resources that exist ...

          Adelia Marquis
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          Putting Adelia “In Her Element”

          Most of the cars that are donated to us at Good News Garage come with ...

          donating during covid
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          Donating During COVID

          We believe that access to affordable, reliable transportation is essential! That’s why we’re ...

          Caitlin poses with her new GNG car
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          GNG Client, Caitlin, Makes Headlines in Her Home Town

          On July 8, Good News Garage awarded a used 2008 Honda Civic to Caitlin Burns of St. ...

          Sheldon Receives a Car
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          Sheldon Receives Keys to a Brighter Future

          The Lynn Journal in Lynn, Massachusetts published a story about Good News Garage client Sheldon ...

          GNG client Maria standing next to her new car.
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          Maria from Springfield, Massachusetts Receives a Donated Car

          Good News Garage awarded a donated vehicle to Springfield, MA resident Maria Carabello through our ...